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Registered for Movember 2008 with BlueFur.com team November 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in Movember, random thoughts.

If you read my blog with certain regularity, you will know that I’m always passionate about fundraising. This month is particularly challenging, but as you may have read in previous months, I am always passionate about charitable causes particularly if they have to do with cancer. Gary Jones from BlueFur invited me to join his Movember Canada 2008 team and I have accepted. Why? Well, because (a) I consider Gary a friend and (b) I am passionate about fundraising for cancer research and awareness.

For those of you who don’t know me in person, I look HORRENDOUS in a moustache. But since November is the month to raise awareness and funds for cancer research (this event focuses particularly on prostate cancer) and I’ve agreed to collaborate with Gary, I’m going to do it in a special way – I’ll be trying to grow a goatee. Right now I know I’m late, but I can assure you, one way or another, I will show up at the party (or whenever we take the end-of-the-month pictures) with a moustache, be it mine (grown into a goatee) or even if I need to have it painted on my skin!

Please consider donating (I’m in the process of setting up my donation page, but it will be up very soon). For more details, you can check Gary’s blog post.



1. studioyvr - November 10, 2008

Raulie, goatee’s are not allowed in Movember. It has to be a moustache. I know this because I too started growing a goatee and was corrected by my team captain. So I am now going the Fu / Porn Star Stache.

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