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The Hope in Shadows 2009 Calendar – Please buy your calendar November 15, 2008

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It’s easy to write and write and write and talk and talk and talk about all the awesome things we COULD be doing to help our brothers and sisters in needs. It’s another thing to actually engage in contributing our time and/or money. Thus, I would like to encourage every one of my readers to purchase a “Hope in Shadows” 2009 Calendar. Consider giving a copy out as a Christmas gift, or a birthday gift.

The Hope in Shadows Calendar is a unique project based around a photography contest for residents in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. The prize-winning photos are then used to create a calendar that provides a glimpse of the hope, spirit and courage of people living in one of Canada’s poorest neighborhoods. [Paraphrased from their website]

While the calendar is also sold in retailer stores across the Lower Mainland, I personally would prefer it if you bought your calendar from Street Vendors. You’ll see, these people are also residents from the DTES and engage in selling the calendar to make money for their subsistence. From their website:

The Hope in Shadows calendar is sold by street vendors, community groups and retailers. Trained official street vendors will have a blue and white ID licence with their name and photo on it with the Hope in Shadows logo and “08/09” next to the logo. The Soliciting for Charity licence number from the City of Vancouver will be displayed on the licence.

The best places to find a street seller include:
– Commercial Drive, especially outside the Skytrain station
– West Broadway & Granville
– Howe & Robson
– Capers on 4th Avenue & Vine
– outside any Choices supermarket
– Shoppers Drugmart on West Broadway

Please consider purchasing a Hope in Shadows 2009 Calendar and contribute to improving the livelihood of the residents of the DTES. Thank you.



1. Phaedra - November 15, 2008

I bought the book off a street vendor this summer. It is soooo good. Buy it if you don’t own a copy. Not from Chapters. etc either – if you get it from a vender, they diretly get to pocket 1/2 of the proceeds as part of their wage.

I will be getting a calendar.

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[…] and he recognizes the importance of charity. For this reason, he encourages you to buy the Hope in Shadows 2009 Calendar in support of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. The calendar features a number of […]

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