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Northern Voice 2009 – The call for papers is out! November 22, 2008

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Hat tips to everyone who has collaborated with the organization of all Northern Voice conferences, but specifically, the 2009 Northern Voice. I’d like to remind you that abstract submission closes on December 19th. This coming year, I want to present.

So I had (what I thought) a brilliant idea on what to present at NV’09 (speaking about my experience coming from not even knowing what a blog was to reaching my current position as a Vancouver blogger). I was going to try and explain the realities behind blogging as opposed to generalized (civilian) perceptions of bloggers as isolated folks who write from the basements of their parents’ homes. This idea was well received by those who kindly offered to edit my abstract and give me feedback, but at the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup it didn’t seem to spark the same fire.

So, I’ll ask you, as a reader of my blog, or as someone who knows me in person and/or follows me on Twitter, what would YOU like me to talk about in Northern Voice 2009? Please leave a comment or feel free to tweet me or email me.



1. raincoaster - November 22, 2008

Isn’t a conference of bloggers by definition made up of people who know who bloggers are? I think this might be a better topic to present to a civilian audience.

Now, “How to go from zero to famous” would be a talk that a lot of people would be interested in!

2. jodi - November 23, 2008

I would like you to talk about Movable Type.


On a serious note, I do wish there was more representation of other blogging platforms. However, I recognize this is a community created conference, and there is just not a strong MT community here. c’est la vie. šŸ™‚

3. miss604 - November 25, 2008

Jodi – I was considering proposing a panel on that very subject – if you’re interested feel free to give me a shout

(Typepad/Movable Type/Vox/Blogger/ WP etc.)

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