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About Raul

Having spent an insane number of years in grad school and going through an undergraduate, two Masters degrees and one PhD, I can safely say that I am never doing that again. EVER.

My claims to fame
I am the organizer of Vancouver Bloggers’ Meetup since mid-year 2008 (a monthly gathering of local bloggers and social media folks) and the top-ranked blogger on UrbanSpoon, an online repository of restaurant reviews worldwide.

As part of Vancouver’s social media scene, I frequently …
– Participate in local (Vancouver or Lower Mainland) events. Lately, these events have been high-tech-centric (not surprising, since Vancouver is a tech hub).
– Review products (that have ranged from portable music devices to razors!).
– Review restaurants (you can read the vast majority of my reviews on my UrbanSpoon page or my dining out category).
– Liveblog events (either on my own, or as a guest blogger).
– Review movies and attend local film festivals as media.

However, bear in mind – this is my personal blog. I mostly write about things that I care about, and more recently, I’ve started writing more and more about my own research findings, trying to disseminate them to a broader audience. This is not a specialized blog, although it’s fairly Vancouver-centric.

I have lived in Canada for the past decade and in various countries all over North America and Europe before then. Vancouver is my home now, and I have created a network of friends that I cherish and a life that I love. I am extroverted, work really hard and long hours, lead a very busy social life but I also like taking time for myself. While sensitive, I am also assertive and direct.

A few random things that you might want to know about me.

* I hate cheese, but love other dairy products (e.g. milk and yogurt) even though I’m lactose intolerant. Go figure.
* I’m becoming a more techie geek, though I’m not a tech geek per se. I am geekifying myself, though. I love hanging out with geeks and intellectuals. That’s just me.
* I am passionate about (and work on) environmental issues, but that’s not all there is to me nor to my blog.
* I am not a super good photographer but I love taking pictures (and I’m getting better at it).
* A running joke with my friends is that “It’s all about me“. I actually own a T-Shirt that says that. But, really, I’m not all that self-centered.
* I know all the things I’m good at but I’m not going to rave about myself. Much rather hear about YOU.



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4. fotoeins - May 15, 2008

From one to another, congratulations, Doctor.

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