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My new home is at The Network Hub! November 20, 2008

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Remember how a few months ago I raved about The Network Hub and praised their open office concept, their strong support of young entrepreneurs and the awesome series of events that they’ve been host to? And remember how I called it “my home away from home“?

WordCamp 2008 Vancouver
The Network Hub open office concept

Well, as of this week, my home IS at The Network Hub. I now have a working space in the third floor.

As indicated by their mission statements, they care more much about the idea than the entrepreneur’s age or resume.

The Network Hub was established 2006 after observations of first time entrepreneurs struggling to find fundings from angel investors and venture capital companies. The Network Hub is a special kind of venture capital firm and incubator that care more about your idea than your age, resume and your business plan. [The Network Hub]

The Network Hub has been incredibly kind and supportive with the social media/PR/tech community for a long while now. They’ve been our gracious hosts and location sponsors at numerous events: Third Tuesday with Joe Solomon, the RMD Studio/JenTekk Solutions/PeerGlobe Solutions/Tazzu-organized, first ever WordCamp Vancouver, and several other Third Tuesdays, as a matter of fact.

The Network Hub provides a variety of support services for entrepreneurs, including office space, meeting rooms, and a variety of packages that suit the various needs of different kinds of entrepreneurs.

Moreover, The Network Hub are the awesome hosts and location sponsors of the Vancouver Entrepreneur Meetup every third Thursday of the month, which Pete Quily (ADD Adult Coach) kindly made me realize earlier this month, collides with my proposed date for the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup. I’ll have to deal with that overlap sometime in the next few months! I am pretty sure that I can work something out, since I definitely don’t want to hinder the attendance of entrepreneurs to VBM and viceversa!

If you are an entrepreneur who needs to get your idea off the ground, you should seriously consider coming over and talking to Minna or John. Particularly now that they have expanded! The Network Hub now occupies both the first AND third floors of 422 Richards (between West Hastings and Pender). You can also contact them via email.

I can already tell that my productivity skyrocketed. Just as an example, in less than 2 hours that I was at the office yesterday, I did much more than I had done in the past two weeks! Furthermore, the tenants are great. It’s fantastic to be surrounded by that much brainpower and positive energy! And what can I tell you about Minna and John and the whole team at The Network Hub? They’re simply AMAZING.

So, if you’re in the neighbourhood (downtown Vancouver) maybe we can meet up for coffee or lunch sometime and I can also show you the new digs!


Coffee shop review – Luna Cafe (Gastown) July 26, 2008

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This is, by and large, the weirdest coffee shop I have been to in years. The owner/cashier was funny yet I was slightly scared by her. So, it turns out, they DO have wi-fi (which is important if you’re waiting in between meetings in Gastown, and since many of the tech companies are actually located in this district, it kinda helps to hang out around here).

I know, Jordan did kind of scold me for not having come to the Strutta offices earlier (right before our BarCamp Vancouver 2008 meeting) which I could have done directly after lunch with Tanya (thus enjoying free wifi without having to buy a tea at Luna Cafe), but honestly I didn’t remember their office address (ooops) – which is the reason why I needed to find wifi before the meeting, to find out where it was going to be held.

So, back to the coffee shop review. Luna Cafe is spacious, well kept, clean. It’s great for coffee and geeking out, but I find that it’s kind of complicated to be there if your laptop battery is not so good (as is my case – although I can’t complain – for all the problems and issues I’ve had with my poor, broken eMachines, the battery was still able to tide me over from 1.40 to 3 pm, when I went to meet Jordan, Megan, Boris, David and James and talk geek shop about BarCamp organizational issues.

Would I recommend Luna Cafe to other geeks? Sure, why not. It’s a good coffee shop, spacious and they have decent tea, although I find it slightly pricier than coffee shops in the Main Street area. But if you’re just looking for a coffee shop where you can hang out and tide you over to the next meeting, sure, why not. This is the place.

A home away from home… The Network Hub May 1, 2008

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The first time I came to The Network Hub was at my first Third Tuesday event. I was positively impressed. The place is simply outstanding. Ever since I’ve wanted to become a consultant I’ve wanted to have a workspace that provides me with freedom and also positive entrepreneurial energy around me. The Network Hub answers those needs.

WordCamp 2008 Vancouver
A view of The Network Hub’s open space office concept. Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

So, what is exactly The Network Hub and why does it play an important role in Vancouver’s burgeoning entrepreneurial sphere?

The Network Hub was established 2006 after observations of first time entrepreneurs struggling to find fundings from angel investors and venture capital companies. The Network Hub is a special kind of venture capital firm and incubator that care more about your idea than your age, resume and your business plan.[The Network Hub website]

WordCamp 2008 Vancouver
Another view of The Network Hub. Photo credit: Raul on Flickr

So how *exactly* does The Network Hub help entrepreneurs?

Ideas are important but we also look for motivation, passion and brains. The ideal companies we are looking for usually has two or more founders. We provide micro-loans and resources to help you get started on your ideas in exchange for 5%-10% equity.

We provide to all our startups:
* “Micro” capital
* Infrastructure (office space, legal, accounting, human resources, etc.)
* Product development, management, sales and marketing resources
* Connecting you to potential investors
* Expertise through business partners
[The Network Hub benefits page]

When the time comes for me to start up my business, I will seriously consider coming down to The Network Hub. The concept is somewhat similar to that of WorkSpace, and I think that there should be more of these “shared office space” concepts. I also plan to write a featurette of WorkSpace soon. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, I’d like to thank The Network Hub and their team (especially Minna and Robert) for all their support with the Third Tuesdays, Net Tuesdays AND with last night’s WordCamp.