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My research posts

I’ve conducted research in several fields (mostly related to environmental policy and public policy). In an effort to connect both my worlds, I have written a few posts associated with what I have studied. These are a few of those posts.


Governing water, governing ourselves – This post intended to summarize the new trends in water governance, and the need for intergovernmental coordination for appropriate water management.

The governance of wastewater and the culture of flushing – This post analyzes the current state of affairs of wastewater governance and highlights how water users forget what happens to their wastewater once they flush the toilet.

Water footprint – A new tool to examine water scarcity and use – We seem to be unable to recognize the incredibly high amount of water we consume and waste, so in this post, I highlighted the usefulness of the water footprint tool.

Banning bottled water in Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver tap water pledge – Explaining the health-concerns basis for the use of bottled water (and discussing how Metro Vancouver is tackling this issue).


Waste Reduction Week in Canada – Reminding why we should reduce the amount of waste we generate in Canada.


The death of environmentalism – This post discussed how we can use the concept of “something is dead” to revitalize it, using environmentalism as an example.

Environmental groups mobilization and protests: More than meets the eye – A discussion on the usefulness of environmental groups’ mobilization techniques and strategies. Do they work or do they not?


Putting back the public in public policy – A post intended to galvanize my readers’ public opinion and try to engage them into participating in local and national political life.


Public policy lessons on homelessness for Vancouver’s next mayor – A post intended to make the new Mayor of Vancouver (to be elected on November 15th) to take into account intergovernmental relations and the current status of cities in Canada.

Homeless Action Week in Canada – A reminder of why we need national, provincial and municipal coordination to solve homelessness.


What happened this past Canadian election – Delving into the minds of Canadian voters to explain how Canadians ended up re-electing a Conservative government.

Being the researcher and the phenomenon – Discussing my feelings as part of the VoterMedia experiment.



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