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Music – St. Marks Square by Black Science Orchestra November 19, 2008

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I’m a big fan of deep house music, and particularly of Black Science Orchestra. One of their best tracks, New Jersey Deep, is always on my iPod. The song whose video I’m inserting here is pretty much another one of those “tunes that define me“.

The rhythms in this song are completely along the lines of what I like to dance to, what I dance to when I am at home or in a club. Although I think the last time I heard this type of tunes was (believe it or not) at Bar None (in Yaletown, Vancouver)! Oh no, that’s not exactly true. It was at the Media 2O party (one of the best parties I’ve ever attended – only comparable to BarCamp Vancouver 2008 party!)


New Jersey Deep – Black Science Orchestra October 16, 2008

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My friend Phaedra spins house music, my friend Trevor seems to enjoy house music (from what I saw in one of his Flickr photos) but for some reason I never seem to hear from any other of my friends anything about deep house (although I think Nomade Moderne would enjoy it and so would Lotus Effect) . So I figured I’d show you the kind of tunes I am most likely to enjoy. This is an old one (e.g. I’ve enjoyed this one for a while now, but I don’t think I had had a chance to post a YouTube video. I do love Black Science Orchestra’s deep house, and “New Jersey Deep” is the one I enjoy the most. Fourteen years and this tune is still rockin’ in London!

Feel free to add your comments, e.g. if you like it, or not, or whatever 😉