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Why “Hummingbird604”?

Why Hummingbird? And why 604? (with thanks to MJ for suggesting a specific page that explains why I’m nicknamed)

I have photographic memory, which means that I can remember a heck of a lot of stuff (I am sure that some of that is entirely useless information, but whatever).
– Thanks to this, and the fact that my parents sent me to Reading Dynamics training when I was about 8, I am able to speed read. I have no clue how many words per minute I read, but as an example, a 332 pages single-spaced book took me about 45 minutes to read.
I touch-type between 65 and 105 words per minute (on a really good day, I can go as high as 105). This means that usually I am able to transcribe entire talks. Except when someone is so nervous that they speak faster than what I can type (as it happened in the Michael Geist lecture).
– I tend to be a really fast thinker and speaker, and sometimes people seem to think I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, but I don’t think I do. However, sometimes I process material so fast that I assume everyone else does.
– I am impatient and tend to hate waiting for the bus, so I start walking, and I walk pretty fast.

… Therefore… my friends have suggested (and my ex- did too) that I was like a hummingbird, and the nickname has stuck. And since I live in the 604 calling area, it stuck as Hummingbird604. It has begun to be recognized as a brand, particularly since last year. I will, of course, respond to my name (Raul) but a lot of people in the blogosphere seem to ask themselves: “Raul who?“, so I just say “I’m Hummingbird604” … and SHAZAM! the light goes on, and they seem to recognize me.



1. Karen - November 17, 2008

Nice to meet you, Raul. I have to say that ‘hummingbird’ suits you, I even read your posts at the speed at which you are likely typing or would speak it aloud! I look forward to following your posts!

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